Credit card for protesting – Information on how to obtain it

Credit card for protesting

Credit card for protesting

The credit card for protesting is almost impossible to obtain, as it is a payment instrument that is nothing more than a short-term loan from the issuing institution. As protested, the subjects are considered unreliable due to their negative financial history, but there are still real possibilities to get around this problem.

The revolving credit card for protesters represents a concrete solution, as it offers a credit line to the owner, who must also coincide with his user. Clearly, in order to have a credit card for protesting, it will be necessary to have a good reputation gained with a consolidated positive credit history.

Protesters cannot solve the problem of lack of possession of revolving cards unless they proceed with preliminary rehabilitation. However, since we are talking about payment instruments, we must first request the decree from the competent court at the territorial level.

For bad payers,

For bad payers,

However, there are more solutions that vary depending on the credit policies adopted by the different banks. Taking a concrete example, some banks have a tolerance that goes up to six late payments, while in the event of non-payment they may require to remedy the position and show proof of payment.

However, there is also a credit card for protestants linked to a specific type of loan that can be provided by banks even to bad payers. The salary or pension assignment is part of this type of loan. Clearly, the interest rates for revolving cards linked to forms of personal loan accessible even to subjects with bad credit standing could be higher.

Precisely for this reason, when we talk about a credit card, it would be useful to always check that the rates applied do not exceed the wear threshold.

As an alternative solution for obtaining a credit card for protesters, the parties involved could ask the banks for a prepaid card (with or without an Iban code), as it is not associated with a current account. There is also a specific credit card for protesters and bad payers which can be obtained quickly and which does not carry out credit assessments on the requesting parties but which necessarily requires a first deposit, which is higher than a certain amount.

Have you been paying interest for years? We tell you how to get out of debt. | Debt consolidation

Sometimes, we would like to have no debts. We feel that we allocate everything we earn to pay credits and we think it would be great to have resources for other expenses. How to get out of debt?

Save and save until they reach the goal


I know people who only buy in cash. They save and save until they reach the goal and take pleasure in owing nothing. They have always seemed somewhat exaggerated. Also, I have friends who pay everything on credit and, really, I always wonder, how do they pay all their debts?

Personally, I am overwhelmed by owing a lot of money. The reason? Sometime in my life I exceeded a little in expenses. It was a good lesson. I tell you the things I learned about getting out of debt:

Lessons to get out of debt


  1. The first step is somewhat obvious, but absolutely necessary. It’s about wondering how you are managing your personal finances . Questioning, being aware of how much of your income you are going to cover debts, is the first step to end the flood of interests. Some experts believe that you should not allocate more than 30% of your income to cover loans and credit cards.
  2. The second step is to organize the debts you already have . There are two ways. The first, called a snowball, is to order the debts according to the amount: the smallest to the largest. The idea is that you can pay the smallest as soon as possible; to continue with the second and third; until finishing with the biggest. Getting out of small debts will allow you to have more money, which you can use to pay the capital of larger debts. The second way is: organize the debts according to the interest rates you are paying. This will reveal a spooky reality: you may be paying interest of more than 100%. The idea is to give priority to the payment of the most expensive debts.
  3. A classic way to get out of debt is to measure the use of credit cards for a while. The cards are not an extension of the income, they are a credit and one of the most expensive in the market. If, for example, you still usually ask your card for cash, you are doing a bad business. You are paying that loan very expensive and paying dearly is to decrease your resources.
  4. A mortgage transfer is, as a rule, a very good option to improve the conditions of your mortgage loan: a more favorable rate equals a more comfortable installment to pay.
  5. Unifying all debts into one is a great solution. Look at the benefits of considering this option: One, you reduce the financial cost because, normally, credits offer you lower rates to credit cards; two, lower the cost of administering several credits; that is, instead of paying the charge for handling several cards and the commissions of several credits, you start paying only one; three, lower the pressure, because it is about fulfilling a single commitment on one date and not several on many dates per month. A home equity loan is a great option.
  6. To get out of debt, make sure you don’t default on any payment. You do not want to be reported to any risk center to request a free investment loan to help you pay your credit cards.
  7. Before requesting a loan again to pay another’s fee, look at your expenses and make a couple of sacrifices. More credits equals more interest and more interest equals less money in your pocket.
  8. The last step is to create a real budget of income and expenses , in which you will have this slogan: spend less than you earn. That is the route of those who know how to handle money, the route of millionaires

Decrease the interest you pay for your debts

Decrease the interest you pay for your debts

As you can see, the way to pay debts is reduced to three variables: decrease the interest you pay for your debts, pay the principal of your debts to pay less interest and spend less.

What debts to pay first?

We cannot control the circumstances around us and in which we live all the time. And sometimes it happens that the domestic economy is one of those circumstances. Sometimes we see ourselves in haste that forces us to set priorities: What debts to pay first? Between the monthly payments of the car, the cable service, the mortgage credit, the credit card … What should we pay before to get out of the trance?


How to determine which debts to pay first?

How to determine which debts to pay first?

Two qualities are essential to prioritize debts: rigor and discipline . Only in that way will you avoid the worst thing that can happen to you if you have economic urges: pay surcharges, fines or interest .

To know which debts to pay first, you must.

  • Make a list of all your debts and recurring expenses (from the payment of the mortgage loan to the monthly payment of the cell phone)
  • Sort them according to the type of interest they pay : from the highest to the lowest
  • Prioritize the payment of those debts that imply a higher interest rate, and leave for later those that pay less. This way you will lose less money for interest.
  • In the case of debts with less interest, if possible make the minimum payment that allows you to avoid late payments and surcharges.


What is the disadvantage of this payment method?

What is the disadvantage of this payment method?

When choosing which debts to pay first and contribute for the payment of those with a greater interest, you may have the feeling that you do not advance in the payment of your debts , since some of greater amount but of less interest will accumulate.

For example: if you have a fast credit for 10,000 pesos with a 20% interest , and you also have the credit of a car for 100,000 pesos with a 2% interest . The sentimental logic will make you believe that you must pay the car before , because it is a greater amount, but if you do so, and then leave the credit of less value but with greater credit, that debt will grow uncontrollably.

Always choose that debt on which your money is worth less ; that is to say: to have more interest. Of course: never stop paying your mortgage credit because in this case at a higher interest adds the possibility of losing your home.

The differences between bank loans and those of Christian Portel


When dealing with a personal expense, we can ask for a loan from a financial institution or launch ourselves to discover new forms of collaborative financing such as the Crowdlending system by Christian Portel. If you want to know what the differences between traditional and collaborative financing are, read on.

The importance of the fine print

The importance of the fine print

When we are looking for a personal loan, we must not only look at what is offered in the announcement but we must read all the characteristics of said loan such as the type of investment, profitability, minimum installments, etc. In financial matters, it often happens that cheap is expensive and what may seem like a loan with good conditions, can become a headache.

In Christian Portel, people finance other people so conditions are much more beneficial for both parties. First, investors earn more for their money and borrowers obtain conditions for the issuance of the loan much more profitable and attractive.

Will you accept my loan application?

Will you accept my loan application?

In the traditional banking system, if we are going to apply for a loan we are exposed to a complex process that is usually tedious to include many clauses and bureaucracy. Normally, to grant us a loan, we are required to hire other banking services such as insurance, cards or direct debits.

In Christian Portel we connect people who finance people. We carry out a free preliminary study of your case and, if you meet the requirements indicated on our website, we will publish your loan so that investors begin to arrive with incomparable conditions: the opening commission is 3% being the minimum amount to request 3,000 € while the maximum is € 15,000.

Security Christian Portel Coverage System

Security Christian Portel Coverage System

If you have decided to become an investor to obtain greater profitability for your money, the best option is Christian Portel thanks to its Coverage System. We know that lending money is a risk, but our approach is that investors do not feel helpless if a borrower cannot return the amount on time. Christian Portel provides investors with their own loss coverage system, which mitigates the risk of losing borrowed capital.

How to unify my debts?

credit debt

Unifying debts into a single credit is one of the best solutions to get out of debt and reorganize your personal finances.

It happened to you that, suddenly, one day, do you realize that you are full of debts? You need a solution: unifying your debts is an excellent alternative. I will explain everything with this case, that of Albano M.

Albano had these credits:

  • A mortgage loan, and he had many years to go.
  • A free use credit with which he had paid for the master’s degree studies.
  • Three credit cards
  • A Ripley Credit
  • A family loan, with which he was defaulting.

He showed me the statements and statements, and we easily saw the picture. Debts involved interests . And these were not always the same. The rate depended on what product it was, who lent it, how much money and how long. I explained to Albano that:

There are debts, such as mortgages , that have very high amounts and lower rates than other financial products. One of the reasons for estimating the rate is that the risk is low, because the property supports the debt.

Free credit availability or consumption are used as a means to achieve something better for the future: buy machinery and equipment or pay for education, as in the case of Alvaro. The rates are higher than the mortgage because the amounts and terms are lower than the mortgages and, this is very important, the risk is considered high for the financial institution.

We frequently receive calls congratulating us on our handling of the credit card with the offer that we have pre-approved a loan that you can use in whatever you want. The procedures are simple and you must decide in hours or days if you want to take this great opportunity. The question you should ask in these cases is, what rate does the credit have? Some are not as good business as you think.


Credit cards are very expensive

Credit cards are very expensive

Very comfortable, of course. In addition, they give points and miles and gifts. But you pay the highest rates of all financial products offered by legal entities. They are small amounts, terms up to two years, with very high interests. If you look at the account statements of your cards, you will see that your purchases do not always have the same rate. It depends on what you buy with them, whose card it is (bank or store) and the brand it supports (MasterCard or Visa, for example).

Loans from family and friends can be “cheaper” in economic terms but very expensive in terms of relationships. You know, sometimes, these businesses end badly. Albano was very concerned with this issue.


Alternatives to unify your debts

credit debt

A transfer of mortgage credit

It was very clear that the rate Alvaro was paying for his mortgage loan was higher than the current average rate in the market. He had not realized that he was paying more money for his house! Transferring the loan to another bank would imply expenses, of course, but also significant savings. I would pay less interest.


Mortgage consolidation

Mortgage consolidation

It was possible that Albano obtained a mortgage loan for more value than he really owed for his house. That extra value could be used to pay off other debts. Benefit: better conditions in the mortgage loan and money to pay everything you owe, saving a lot of money in interest.


Parallel credit card or parallel credit

This modality has been growing by giant steps for a few months in our country. It consists of asking a bank for a credit parallel to the credit cards; that is, a value equal to the limit that you already have approved. The bank will give you a new credit card and pay for you the debts you have with the other cards. That credit is cheaper than the interest you pay on the cards. Well, at least you should check if you’re going to order one.


Credit with mortgage guarantee

Credit with mortgage guarantee

This alternative is good, very good, if you owe a large amount of money and have a property that you can offer as collateral. Home equity loans are cheap, because the risk is relatively low for those who lend the money.

Albano quickly understood the solutions and asked us to process a home equity loan. What pleased me most was that he was able to pay his family’s loan.

Purchase of credit card debt with “balance transfer” or balance transfer.

credit debt

A “balance transfer” or balance transfer can be a good financial decision. It is about transferring the debt from one credit card to another with better conditions.

What is a credit card debt purchase with “balance transfer”?

Sometimes banks start campaigns to increase the number of customers of their credit cards.

One of the marketing strategies they use is to offer to buy the debt you have on your credit cards from other banks. The most important benefit is that the interest rate will be lower or preferential than the one now charged to your cards.

Good business, no doubt.

A lower rate will mean that you will pay less interest on the debt.


How does the purchase of credit card debt work?

How does the purchase of credit card debt work?

Suppose that to date you owe for the purchases and advances requested, a total of $ 2,500 pesos MX and US $ 700. If you never used the card again, the debt would end up paying in twelve months. You could pay it without problems.

But what bothers you is that there are three cards from different entities and with different payment dates. And, there is one that your friends say is “very expensive.”

The solution may be to consolidate the debts of the three cards into one, a purchase of credit card debt.

The clearest feature of this credit card is its two lines of credit:

    1. The parallel credit they give you to pay off the debt you already have with other cards.
    2. The limit or line of credit for purchases and withdrawals.

Each month, in the account statements, you would see the two charges: what you have to pay for the debt and what you owe for your consumption.


Conditions for the user

credit problem

The decision to accept the new card (or a line parallel to the revolving line of the credit card) will be a good financial decision if:

  • The interest rate is effectively lower than those of your current card. In your statement you can see at what rate you are paying for purchases and availability of cash.

    For example, at this time, preferential rates fluctuate between 7.3 %% and 9.5% annual cash (they expect interest rates to fall in Mexico for the first time in 5 years). Those on your card can be in the order of 27% to 100% (some up to 151%) annual cash for purchases and 55% to 99% for cash advances.


    Do you want a lower rate? Request a home equity loan to pay off your card debts

  • The charge for the transfer (the payment of the debt) is justified, when doing the evaluation of the interests.

Bank Conditions

bank credit

  • As a general rule, the bank will not consolidate credit card debts that are past due or overdue.
  • Nor to people with a central rating of “poor” or “loss” risk, because it has shown poor financial behavior.
  • The debt money will not be consigned to your account, it will be paid directly to the bank with an interbank transfer.
  • The term to pay the debt will be 12-48 months (or less if you pay more money than indicated as a minimum payment).

Requirements for the purchase of credit card debt

credit card debt

The bank will proceed quickly with the approval process.

  • Fill out the request.
  • Deliver copies Official Identification (IFE) or Passport
  • Update financial information (income)
  • Update work information (demonstrate stability between 6 and 12 months)
  • Account statement of credit cards
  • Have a good rating in the risk centers

How to know if I have debts and solutions to pay them

debt payment

It is vital to know our debt status to face future expenses, and above all to pay them off! Because being in debt prevents you from accessing certain benefits, but above all, it prevents you from enjoying peace of mind.


How to know if I have outstanding debts

How to know if I have outstanding debts

In Argentina, there are several ways to know if you are enrolled in a list of delinquents.

There are several entities in the country that are responsible for providing this type of information to applicants. We present the two most used:

One of them is the Whiteflower Bank of the Argentine Republic. 
If you have doubts about your financial situation and want to know the status of your debt, you can check the details online.

All you will need is to enter your tax identification code (CUIT, CUIL or CDI) in the corresponding section of the BCRA website.

If there is any debt in the last monthly period, you will be able to access the amount thereof together with the reporting entity.

The Truth, meanwhile, is one of the most common tools for consulting debts. It is a database that is used to know the credit history of both people and companies.

Due to the ease of access and the way of providing the information, it is the site used by the lenders before granting a loan, in order to verify that the applicant is solvent.

To access the listings, you must call Equifax, since it is who is responsible for managing the delinquent files. It will provide you with a code that you must enter later on the website of this entity, and that will give you access to information about your debtor situation.


What solutions exist to pay my debts

What solutions exist to pay my debts

Once you have verified through any of the previous tools the existence of debts to your credit, you must begin to consider solutions to settle them.

If you are indeed in debt, you should consider the various options that you have at your disposal to meet your payment obligations.

Organize your debts

If you have more than one debt, you must organize them to pay them off according to their amount and interest rate.

It is important in this sense to be methodical and remain calm to carry out an organization that does not bring us more losses.
Having your debts sorted is essential to manage your payment.


I asked your family and friends for help

When paying off a debt, one of the alternatives is to go to a person or several, close, capable of providing you with the money and the most appropriate way to return it.

Sometimes the solution is closer than you expected.


Request a credit online

This is one of the most used solutions. Especially in recent times due to the multiplicity of options and lenders.

Sometimes, for more calculations that are made, the accounts do not come out. It is time to consider this alternative, using reliable entities, which provide facilities in terms of immediacy, without getting into complications.


In conclusion

debt payment

We have several tools at your fingertips to be well informed about our credit situation.In all cases, we only need a good Internet connection and a very simple password to obtain. If, unfortunately, to your surprise you find that you are indeed in debt, you can rest in the peace of mind of having tools to safeguard your situation.

The loans offered by personal loan companies such as Panfilo family are, increasingly, the lifesaver for many families in crisis situations. But, in any case, it is best not to run into any debt, so the first thing that has to be done is to attack the causes that led to this over-indebtedness, which in many cases lies in spending more than what is earned.

5 advantages of applying for a free investment loan

credit loan

In the world of credits there are different products that adapt to the needs that are available at the moment, that is, to what is sought to be done with that money.

Free investment loan

credit loan

One of these products is the free investment credit, which as its name is mentioned, does not have a definite purpose, that is, it can be used for the purpose you want.

If you wonder if that credit suits you better than others, here are some of its advantages:

1. There is no need to justify the use: 

credit loan

When requesting it, it is not necessary to specify what the money will be spent on, since it can be used for whatever you want.

2. It usually has few requirements: 

credit loan

That is, you will not have to present a large number of papers in order to obtain it, especially if it is a relatively low amount.

3. You can choose a fixed interest rate:

3. You can choose a fixed interest rate:

Which means that the fees you will pay will be the same from beginning to end of the credit.

4. The credit study has no cost:

4. The credit study has no cost:

In most banks, the credit study, that is, the analysis of your profile to see if you qualify for credit, is free, unlike housing loans.

5. Financing time:

It can range from 12 to 60 months, depending on the bank in question and the amount to be requested.

Free investment credit is usually used to finance travel, home remodeling or education-related expenses. But whatever you use it for, you should take the trouble to choose the bank that suits you, since not everyone grants you the same rate, the same related products or the same benefits. Taking a few minutes to compare all your options is the wisest decision.

Swiss Credit for Germans : providers that really help


If you are looking for a Swiss loan, you do not have to travel to Switzerland. These loans are provided through financial service providers based in Germany. All necessary documents that the credit intermediary uses for verification are sent within Germany. There is no direct contact to the Swiss banks. See for a write-up

The conditions

The conditions

Anyone wishing to apply for a Swiss loan for Germans must be at least 18 years old. The maximum age is limited to 58 years. In addition, the borrower must prove a permanent job. Also the salary plays an essential role for the credit approval. If there are no entries in the debtor register of the competent district court, there should be no difficulties with a commitment for the Swiss loan for German nationals.

For whom is this loan suitable?

For whom is this loan suitable?

This loan is interesting not only for people with a negative Credit bureau, there are also cases where the creditworthiness is impeccable, but the bank refuses a loan because one has to pay it off. German banks first check the Credit bureau and also determine a lending data, if this has been done by another bank. Every bank in Germany reports a loan from Credit bureau, but anyone who still needs money can confidently turn to a financial service provider who can arrange a Swiss loan for Germans. There is again a message to the Credit bureau, nor we queried this.

The costs

The costs

Costs only arise if both sides have signed a loan agreement. These costs are the commission for the financial service provider. It is charged as a percentage of the loan amount. Since this is a foreign bank, processing fees are also shifted. In addition, the borrower must expect higher interest rates. But these are all positions that borrowers are willing to pay if nothing works in Germany. A Swiss loan for Germans is actually the final destination in terms of financial services.

Watch out for black sheep

Watch out for black sheep

Again and again offers appear in which of home visits, payment in advance or cash on delivery is mentioned. Here only windy wheelers try to beat the needs of people. Of these offers can only be warned, because usually it does not even come to a loan payment.