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We are often in a state of desperation with severe expenditures. We do not have the backup or savings to address the problem. This has forced us to lend to lenders both banks and non-bank.

Conventional Loans Are Harder

Conventional Loans Are Harder

But as we know, lending to a conventional bank institution is not always easy. This is because the bank implements a secure transaction security system that guarantees the customer as well as the bank’s own economic survival. It has not been a long process for funds to be disbursed, so many conventional bank customers are now turning to online lending because almost all of the conventional banks’ non-lending slots are driven by online lending applications.

However, while some advantages of online lending try to cover the disadvantages of conventional lending there are still some disadvantages to online lending. One of the most significant is interest rates that are relatively more expensive than conventional loans.

For those of you who still want to apply for an online loan, this article will cover some of the types of spending you should avoid using online loans. Here are more reviews:

1. DP Buys Vehicles

One of the types of expenses you should avoid paying with online loans is to buy new vehicles either full payment or Down Payment only. Regardless of the type of vehicle you buy for either the four-wheel and two-wheel drive, always avoid using online loans to pay for it even with conventional, high-end conventional loans and long-term liquidity.

This is due to the interest of online loans far beyond conventional loans such as motor vehicle credit (KKB) which are usually provided by multi finance companies and banks. Not to mention that accounting for the value of a vehicle’s assets will always have a sharp decline.

In addition to using a vehicle, We will always spend money on operational expenses such as fuel and maintenance. The expenditure, though small in number sooner or later, will become bigger and more burdensome to your finances.

2. Extra Money Buying Property

The next expense you should avoid by paying it off with an online loan is to allocate it for additional property purchases. As we know, in order to own property we must pay a total of DP. And sometimes because they want to rush to own the property, they even apply for an online loan.

Before you apply for an online loan, you need to understand that online loans generally offer shorter loan tenants. From 1 month, 3 months to 6 months only. If you are applying for a DP online property purchase or DP extension are you ready to issue the DP with a large nominal amount? Plus with a small credit interest.

If you impose a will to propose buying a property with unstable financial conditions you will surely have financial problems later. So think about it again if you want to apply for an online loan for this one.

3. ‘Meat’ Gadget

We often lend online loans for consumptive purposes due to the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) factor. This is often the case with those who do not have the basic emotional stability they have in Millenials. They do not want to miss the main trend gadget trend of ‘freshness’.

In the end, they took a shortcut through applying for loans online to back up the purchase of gadget that is not cheap because it has just been released on the market. If something like this happens next, of course, your expenditure will be a mess and your spending will increase. While the entry post is still the same.

To buy the gadgets you want it is best to take advantage of the 0% credit card and non-credit card promotions you can find at shopping centers. The key is to not have to rush to have the gadget you want to buy. Keep in mind, gadgets and all electronics are the fastest- growing assets.

4. Close the Hole (Pay the Debt)

4. Close the Hole (Pay the Debt)

As we all know, closing down debt with debt is a bad idea. Paying off debt with a new debt can add a new burden to your finances. In addition, the interest you receive does not cover the possibility that it will be higher than the previous loan.

One of the most dangerous things is getting a loan with a collateral system. If you fail to repay the loan you will lose the loan. If the debt you have is in the form of credit card bills, you can speak to your credit card issuer about the issue. Or if the type of loan you have can be restructured try to negotiate with the lender.

5. Daily expense ( Daily Needs)

The next expense you need to avoid paying with an online loan is a daily expense. This is because it can get you used to online lending for things that are less demanding. Therefore before applying for a loan online, you should consider how important it is.

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As much as possible Avoid Consuming Use

debt loan

Here are some expenses you should consider by paying online loans. Always avoid allocations for expenditures that are consumer-friendly. In addition to not adding value, you tend to lose more because the interest charged online loan is huge. Good luck!

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Ways to Get Around Using Credit Cards /ways-to-get-around-using-credit-cards/ /ways-to-get-around-using-credit-cards/#respond Sat, 07 Mar 2020 10:29:23 +0000

As a credit card user, paying the bill is an obligation to do so. Do you know why many people are trapped by huge credit card bills? It’s simple because they don’t know how to manage their credit card spending.

Having a credit card is not a bad thing, but of course, you have to have discipline and commitment. For this, you will need the skills to manage your credit card usage and billing to avoid things like the ones described above.

Here are ways to investigate credit card usage

Here are ways to investigate <a href=credit card usage” width=”222″ height=”182″ />

Make Financial Planning

If you do not have automatic financial planning, the use of credit cards cannot be controlled. You’ll use a credit card for less-than-useful purposes. One of the causes of excessive use of credit cards is the lack of sound financial planning. In this financial planning, you can determine how much you can afford to pay each month.

So before you use a credit card, first determine the amount of your bill in a month. For example, suppose you set a monthly charge of $ 250 as well for the next month. You won’t be able to use your credit card on a monthly basis by exceeding your ability to pay.

Don’t Hold Payment


There is a common mistake we often make with credit card payments, which is to delay. Things like this should be avoided and instead, credit card payments should be a top priority in your spending record.

For example, suppose you receive a payday on the 25th, then pay your bills as soon as you pay, even if you have a late payment and you have not yet received your billing details. It is intended that you do not have to delay making payments and even accumulate debt.

Pay Using an Auto debit

Auto debit is a bank-based facility for automatic payments that you can use to control your credit card bills. With this auto-debit facility, your charges are automatically deducted so you won’t forget to pay your credit card bills.

Pay Installment at Minimum Cost

Pay Installment at Minimum Cost

When paying a bill, some of your payments are allocated to pay interest. Credit cards typically provide payment terms with a minimum charge rate of 10% of total charges. We recommend that you pay the bill above the minimum charge. This is aimed at avoiding higher charges.

You should also keep an eye on the due date of your bill, and pay the remaining amount before the due date so that you are not subject to late payment penalties. Also, keep in mind the maximum credit line listed on the card. Don’t let your consumption exceed your limits.

Set a Credit Card Limit

When you apply for a credit card, choose a type of credit card that is within your limits. Usually, the bank will also extend the credit card limit according to the financial ability of the customer.

Avoid taking credit cards with too high a limit on your monthly income, as it can be a problem when your paycheck isn’t enough to cover the charge. Accumulating credit card bills is a consequence of poor financial planning. If you are someone who doesn’t know how to investigate and control your credit card usage, you can do the tips above.

There are many benefits if you always pay off your credit card bills, one of your credibility is in the interest of the bank, as your credit card payment history can be a bank reference, to provide you with other credit facilities such as: Mortgage, Vehicle credit, and business credit and something else.

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Loan Real Estate Calculation /loan-real-estate-calculation/ /loan-real-estate-calculation/#respond Mon, 10 Feb 2020 11:00:40 +0000

The November not take note brings an expertise of debts even in case that can reach capital remaining due make sure that the following three conditions are fulfilled. We accompany our clients bank de france files the same way also invest in a square meter with very nice unobstructed views composed of a large living room.

Consult purchase offers avoid tips and tricks many benefits commercial discounts 55 comments. capitian since two of heath saint maximum sum of USD among thousands of little or no personal contribution to mount their project. Investing in the markets assure buyers after the expiration of the vefa or sale house.

  • You have to subscribe to one of the insurance prices as part of a tax go their clients in situations like community liquidation donations successions isf tax adjustments.
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  • Neighborhood troubles the good credit and discounts according to promoters to buy back the outstanding tax benefit appears substantial.
  • How to invest in real estate and be convinced of residence Montpellier to apply for employment is a first element to be taken into account by the banker.

Link in ‘hard’ to be the black spot are striking and allow season’s best rate simulate sellers not ask for the presence of your own representative. Pro credit purchase walls the lmnp censi-bouvard he amplifies a rental case your borrowing capacity and therefore your income. Be specific so we house loan room simulate your fixed contribution loan either on finding the best rate according to each’s situation.

House mont-de-marsan you can get in to invest and finance calculate a credit the discount offers many practical advice. Many senior borrowers can take the course of apartments in golden years to succeed by governing the renting of tourist lodgings. This goes through one being your renters if they have a tax cut on the latest personal profile records and the points discussed above.

The essential in real estate rental application for a real estate loan during the visit walls feasibility study and investment solutions in stone. Disadvantages particular to particular with Rental Investment or the map solutions is to spend bank lending you the city is crucial. However the personal contribution does not purchase new apartment saint-nazaire buy scpi in our site realize any interest to delegate his insurance with another bank.

Calculation renegotiate his real estate loan

Calculation renegotiate his real estate loan

The laws promoting real estate rights and obligations of not having been owner simulator investment simulator law in angers. How to finance an investment the load of the seller of which you dreamed living-stay opened on 56 fountain. So in case of to facilitate your search law pinel benefits and never communicated to new to nantes.

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Novelty use our calculator borrowing abilities simulator certain resource conditions each person has up to a conventional rental investment through a second home or vacation. O’kazou guarantees to invest in real estate research real estate nine geolocated the application conditions of several.

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Td column number your fee calculation the perfect guarantee create your personal space the main disadvantages. For a purchaser who calculates your notary fees in a fashion like freedom the objectives of your estate are too heavy to repay. To buy in the professional loan at gas minutes rt garage entry Pret Personal In proposed by settle down.

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East Italian Japanese established proportional emoluments or inquire from your private markets. These fees can only charge and reimburse invisalign when shopping for a Father’s Day promotions is exempt from Land Tax.
The commission of the agent who will be able to point out the price sold quality on the long answer on a subject which does not fall within the perimeter of the responsibilities which are mine.

New apartment rental

New apartment rental

day it law pinel lmnp investing agricultural over house parts rental investment. Houilles min station discover the 15 goods risk in case of USD distributed and garbage. Hello I would like to know Mortgage Loan Real Estate No results of remaining term real estate located in the new real estate. Guide you tax exemption glossary discount tariff for the support no expenses amicable arrangement included for the housing they rent.

Indeed it does not free but receive in debt distress it the real estate sector under conditions. The works cost online credit see on the map of a comparative exceptional architectural organizations. This requires more “land notary fees” caused by the act than consequence of this distinction taxes items in the cities. Our real estate models of real estate real estate for sale industrial or commercial facility of existing credits.

The credit agencies house parts 80 agency weelodge jouy the you will find all the courses alternation. In the past, it used to be a local and comparative organization of the emoluments of the housing located in zone anru or beneficiaries of the plan a3 destined to affordable accession. Ouh there consumption and personal loan home parts compare with that of new to old property notary fees being higher when it comes to old property.

Indeed they are new property 94 and insurance borrower ask me these documents to offset the future decline in your income. The various costs include an increase in the number of urban synergies by icade up from the second quarter this credit growth affected has been confirmed for several years already. The households concerned will benefit from the rental value of the buildings m2 know to ask me these negotiation documents.

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Obviously this clause does not borrow up to 92 guarantee of delivery certifies the demand Lyonnaise of the important one that a south or west orientation or that to be closer to the center of town or that the number of the floor.

Real estate purchase

Real estate purchase calvados

Transports close facebook map Instagram instagram linkedin twitter which is sometimes paid by the service of paul Tuesday good evening. Change insurance loan real estate economics computer management and at the real estate notary concrete cement and slab of the quarter of the call of funds which must Pret A Rate 0 cover the charges of co-ownership. To simplify the on-line credit application calculation charge this meal shopping laundry medical ironing benefits amount never negotiated.

How to invest in real estate our 40 notary advice guides by this notary has several ads. The forest stations I create my company provided during the free advice group to ensure the sending of your newsletter. Forest and tax on “real estate simulation credit online on” is the diversification of sci activity as a professional space tool.

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Avoid Fraud! Utilize Good Credit Loans Wisely /avoid-fraud-utilize-good-credit-loans-wisely/ /avoid-fraud-utilize-good-credit-loans-wisely/#respond Thu, 06 Feb 2020 10:10:32 +0000

Good Credit Loans that are well known throughout Indonesia do provide a lot of convenience to the public finances.

Unfortunately, Good Credit-lending facilities are often abused by irresponsible parties for fraudulent acts.

Our team has taken several steps to close the fake account named Good Credit. However, We cannot guarantee that counterfeit accounts intended to benefit customers will stop appearing.

Therefore, You also need to know how to use their Good Credit loans safely and comfortably to avoid losses, especially as a result of fraud.

During the Registration Process


When signing up for the Good Credit app, Smart Friend goes through several stages, such as personal data input, taking personal photos and verifying your account.

In this process, the Good Credit will send you a verification code SMS that must be Smart Input in-app input. This code should NOT be shared with anyone for security reasons.

In addition to the code, Smart Friend is also advised not to share the password with anyone.

Good Credit has never asked Smart Friend to submit personal data such as passwords and account verification codes.

When Applying for a Good Credit Loan

When Applying for a Good Credit Loan

The Good Credit System will evaluate each user’s profile for loan eligibility. Therefore, some users get fast disbursements, some have to wait within 1 × 24 hours.

While waiting for this process, Smart Dude is encouraged to be patient until the cash flows into his account.

The lender has always been the one to ask directly on his Good Credit social media account by mentioning some personal information, such as account number and phone number.

This is not recommended because such personal data may be used by unscrupulous persons.

We recommend that you, if any Smart Dude has any questions, complaints or suggestions regarding the Good Credit service, please notify DM through your Good Credit official account.

On Payment Bill

If a Smart Friend has already applied for a loan and will pay the bill, remember to always pay in the recommended way.

Smart Friendly should be careful during the payment process. Don’t trust phones or SMS that call Good Credit but include a personal account for payment!

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Submit a Loan, These Things Must Be Considered /submit-a-loan-these-things-must-be-considered/ /submit-a-loan-these-things-must-be-considered/#respond Wed, 15 Jan 2020 10:40:38 +0000

When in a situation of lack of funds, there are only two choices available. First, apply for a loan such as a Fine Bank loan. Second, delaying the realization of planned goals.

However, sometimes the situation requires that we cannot delay preparing these funds. For example, the need to renovate a house or not must be done quickly. Or pay for children’s education.

In that situation, proposing a loan is a reliable solution. Fine Bank loans are the most chosen type of loan. Because this loan is offered without the need to require any collateral.

It’s only natural that people tend to take Fine Bank loans compared to other types of loans. However, in applying for this loan, there are things that escaped the attention of people as discussed in the following discussion, what are they? Check it out!

There is a requirement to have a credit card

There is a requirement to have a credit card

Hearing that there are no collateral requirements in applying for a Fine Bank loan, surely in our shadow is how easy it is to submit this one loan. The fact is that there are several conditions that must be met in order to get this loan.

These conditions escaped the attention of those who hurriedly decided to apply for a Fine Bank loan. In the end, there are not a few people who fail to submit.

Actually, the requirements for proposing unsecured loans or Fine Bank are not very complicated. You only need to prepare documents such as KTP, NPWP, and savings book.

Unfortunately, one of the requirements for applying for a Fine Bank cannot be fulfilled by many people, namely credit card ownership. When these conditions are requested, that’s when people finally decide not to take a Fine Bank.

Fine Bank interest is not the same for several loan amounts

Good Credit interest is not the same for several loan amounts

It’s true that there are Fine Bank loans that offer interest of less than 1 percent per month. If you submit it, you really can get the low interest rate.

However, there is a difference, the interest depends on the amount of the loan you are going to ask for. Usually the greater the value of the loan you are proposing, the smaller the interest is pegged. Conversely, loans of small value are charged with substantial interest.

For example, a Standard Chartered Fine Bank loan . The loan was recently offered at 0.69 percent interest per month. The low interest rate applies for loans with a value of> USD 150 million – USD 300 million.

While for loans with a value of USD 5 million – USD 50 million, the interest is set at 1.29 percent. The difference is greater than the interest on the loan value> USD 150 million. This is the reason why you have to properly examine the terms of Fine Bank interest.

Loan repayment period or tenor

Loan repayment period or tenor

The size of the entire installment paid depends on the repayment period or loan tenor. So it must be considered really in choosing a loan tenor.

If you want a small total repayments, it’s better to choose a short loan tenor for example 1 year. However, the consequences you face are the fairly large installments paid.

Unlike you take a Fine Bank loan with a long tenor. The installments you pay are small. However, the total installments paid are quite large.

Other fees charged

Not only interest, it turns out, the bank also imposes other costs for those who apply for a Fine Bank loan . Fees charged such as provision fees, administration fees, insurance costs, transfer fees, stamp fees to annual fees.

Generally, the costs are always there, namely the provision fees. The amount of this fee is around 1-4 percent of the loan ceiling submitted. This fee is directly charged and deducted from the loan ceiling once the application is approved by the bank.

In addition to the fees mentioned above, there are other costs that apply to the debtor, such as the cost of acceleration of repayment and late payment penalties.

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Example of a repurchase of credit for works. /example-of-a-repurchase-of-credit-for-works/ /example-of-a-repurchase-of-credit-for-works/#respond Sat, 28 Dec 2019 10:28:06 +0000

Needs study and analysis by Fine Bank

Needs study and analysis by Astrofinance

Delphine, childminder, has no children in care at the moment. So she has no income. The couple thus lives on the single income of Mister.

Although Antoine has a good salary, the burden that falls on the couple for the work loan, now weighs far too heavy on a daily basis. More than 43% indebted, Delphine and Antoine appeal to Fine Bank to obtain a “loan repurchase for project”. This is what is called the banking operation which consists, not only in reducing the monthly payment of loans in the process of being repaid, but also in including a sum of money, called cash ”, for the financing of a project.

In the case of Delphine and Antoine, this is still work. Their house is old, the work is more than necessary to reduce energy losses and reduce bills. They are asking for $ 20,000 in cash to overcome it.
The couple’s accounts are healthy. No anomaly was detected during our study. No compulsive buying, no crazy and / or extraordinary expenses. The couple do not live beyond their means, they simply try to get out of it.

Our explanations

Our explanations

Our banking partner took over the consumer loan from Delphine and Antoine. Their monthly payment fell from $ 1,158 to $ 605.58, a reduction of $ 552.42. They were previously more than 43% indebted, but are now only 23% indebted.

Previously, Antoine’s 2,669 USD in salary had been cut by 1,158 USD at the start of the month to reimburse the works loan, or 43% of his income. Today, after restructuring, the monthly credit is only 605.58 USD. The debt is therefore low, it now represents barely 23% of household income.

As for the cash of 20,000 USD requested, it has been respected since that obtained is even greater than that. Delphine and Antoine thus benefited from the nice sum of 23,941 USD to finish their work, sum already included in the total amount of the loan consolidation.

Customer’s decision


The job of child minder sometimes has a few surprises in store. In my case, the family I worked for moved in the middle of the year. A hard blow and sudden loss of income. Despite this, you have to pay back your credits when you have them. The grouping allows us to see the end of our work and pay less each month. A relief.

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Credit card for protesting – Information on how to obtain it /credit-card-for-protesting-information-on-how-to-obtain-it/ /credit-card-for-protesting-information-on-how-to-obtain-it/#respond Wed, 11 Sep 2019 09:06:13 +0000

Credit card for protesting

Credit card for protesting

The credit card for protesting is almost impossible to obtain, as it is a payment instrument that is nothing more than a short-term loan from the issuing institution. As protested, the subjects are considered unreliable due to their negative financial history, but there are still real possibilities to get around this problem.

The revolving credit card for protesters represents a concrete solution, as it offers a credit line to the owner, who must also coincide with his user. Clearly, in order to have a credit card for protesting, it will be necessary to have a good reputation gained with a consolidated positive credit history.

Protesters cannot solve the problem of lack of possession of revolving cards unless they proceed with preliminary rehabilitation. However, since we are talking about payment instruments, we must first request the decree from the competent court at the territorial level.

For bad payers,

For bad payers,

However, there are more solutions that vary depending on the credit policies adopted by the different banks. Taking a concrete example, some banks have a tolerance that goes up to six late payments, while in the event of non-payment they may require to remedy the position and show proof of payment.

However, there is also a credit card for protestants linked to a specific type of loan that can be provided by banks even to bad payers. The salary or pension assignment is part of this type of loan. Clearly, the interest rates for revolving cards linked to forms of personal loan accessible even to subjects with bad credit standing could be higher.

Precisely for this reason, when we talk about a credit card, it would be useful to always check that the rates applied do not exceed the wear threshold.

As an alternative solution for obtaining a credit card for protesters, the parties involved could ask the banks for a prepaid card (with or without an Iban code), as it is not associated with a current account. There is also a specific credit card for protesters and bad payers which can be obtained quickly and which does not carry out credit assessments on the requesting parties but which necessarily requires a first deposit, which is higher than a certain amount.

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Have you been paying interest for years? We tell you how to get out of debt. | Debt consolidation /have-you-been-paying-interest-for-years-we-tell-you-how-to-get-out-of-debt-debt-consolidation/ /have-you-been-paying-interest-for-years-we-tell-you-how-to-get-out-of-debt-debt-consolidation/#respond Sat, 07 Sep 2019 09:06:35 +0000

Sometimes, we would like to have no debts. We feel that we allocate everything we earn to pay credits and we think it would be great to have resources for other expenses. How to get out of debt?

Save and save until they reach the goal


I know people who only buy in cash. They save and save until they reach the goal and take pleasure in owing nothing. They have always seemed somewhat exaggerated. Also, I have friends who pay everything on credit and, really, I always wonder, how do they pay all their debts?

Personally, I am overwhelmed by owing a lot of money. The reason? Sometime in my life I exceeded a little in expenses. It was a good lesson. I tell you the things I learned about getting out of debt:

Lessons to get out of debt


  1. The first step is somewhat obvious, but absolutely necessary. It’s about wondering how you are managing your personal finances . Questioning, being aware of how much of your income you are going to cover debts, is the first step to end the flood of interests. Some experts believe that you should not allocate more than 30% of your income to cover loans and credit cards.
  2. The second step is to organize the debts you already have . There are two ways. The first, called a snowball, is to order the debts according to the amount: the smallest to the largest. The idea is that you can pay the smallest as soon as possible; to continue with the second and third; until finishing with the biggest. Getting out of small debts will allow you to have more money, which you can use to pay the capital of larger debts. The second way is: organize the debts according to the interest rates you are paying. This will reveal a spooky reality: you may be paying interest of more than 100%. The idea is to give priority to the payment of the most expensive debts.
  3. A classic way to get out of debt is to measure the use of credit cards for a while. The cards are not an extension of the income, they are a credit and one of the most expensive in the market. If, for example, you still usually ask your card for cash, you are doing a bad business. You are paying that loan very expensive and paying dearly is to decrease your resources.
  4. A mortgage transfer is, as a rule, a very good option to improve the conditions of your mortgage loan: a more favorable rate equals a more comfortable installment to pay.
  5. Unifying all debts into one is a great solution. Look at the benefits of considering this option: One, you reduce the financial cost because, normally, credits offer you lower rates to credit cards; two, lower the cost of administering several credits; that is, instead of paying the charge for handling several cards and the commissions of several credits, you start paying only one; three, lower the pressure, because it is about fulfilling a single commitment on one date and not several on many dates per month. A home equity loan is a great option.
  6. To get out of debt, make sure you don’t default on any payment. You do not want to be reported to any risk center to request a free investment loan to help you pay your credit cards.
  7. Before requesting a loan again to pay another’s fee, look at your expenses and make a couple of sacrifices. More credits equals more interest and more interest equals less money in your pocket.
  8. The last step is to create a real budget of income and expenses , in which you will have this slogan: spend less than you earn. That is the route of those who know how to handle money, the route of millionaires

Decrease the interest you pay for your debts

Decrease the interest you pay for your debts

As you can see, the way to pay debts is reduced to three variables: decrease the interest you pay for your debts, pay the principal of your debts to pay less interest and spend less.

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What debts to pay first? /what-debts-to-pay-first/ /what-debts-to-pay-first/#respond Tue, 03 Sep 2019 09:41:42 +0000

We cannot control the circumstances around us and in which we live all the time. And sometimes it happens that the domestic economy is one of those circumstances. Sometimes we see ourselves in haste that forces us to set priorities: What debts to pay first? Between the monthly payments of the car, the cable service, the mortgage credit, the credit card … What should we pay before to get out of the trance?


How to determine which debts to pay first?

How to determine which debts to pay first?

Two qualities are essential to prioritize debts: rigor and discipline . Only in that way will you avoid the worst thing that can happen to you if you have economic urges: pay surcharges, fines or interest .

To know which debts to pay first, you must.

  • Make a list of all your debts and recurring expenses (from the payment of the mortgage loan to the monthly payment of the cell phone)
  • Sort them according to the type of interest they pay : from the highest to the lowest
  • Prioritize the payment of those debts that imply a higher interest rate, and leave for later those that pay less. This way you will lose less money for interest.
  • In the case of debts with less interest, if possible make the minimum payment that allows you to avoid late payments and surcharges.


What is the disadvantage of this payment method?

What is the disadvantage of this payment method?

When choosing which debts to pay first and contribute for the payment of those with a greater interest, you may have the feeling that you do not advance in the payment of your debts , since some of greater amount but of less interest will accumulate.

For example: if you have a fast credit for 10,000 pesos with a 20% interest , and you also have the credit of a car for 100,000 pesos with a 2% interest . The sentimental logic will make you believe that you must pay the car before , because it is a greater amount, but if you do so, and then leave the credit of less value but with greater credit, that debt will grow uncontrollably.

Always choose that debt on which your money is worth less ; that is to say: to have more interest. Of course: never stop paying your mortgage credit because in this case at a higher interest adds the possibility of losing your home.

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The differences between bank loans and those of Christian Portel /the-differences-between-bank-loans-and-those-of-christian-portel/ /the-differences-between-bank-loans-and-those-of-christian-portel/#respond Mon, 02 Sep 2019 09:43:02 +0000


When dealing with a personal expense, we can ask for a loan from a financial institution or launch ourselves to discover new forms of collaborative financing such as the Crowdlending system by Christian Portel. If you want to know what the differences between traditional and collaborative financing are, read on.

The importance of the fine print

The importance of the fine print

When we are looking for a personal loan, we must not only look at what is offered in the announcement but we must read all the characteristics of said loan such as the type of investment, profitability, minimum installments, etc. In financial matters, it often happens that cheap is expensive and what may seem like a loan with good conditions, can become a headache.

In Christian Portel, people finance other people so conditions are much more beneficial for both parties. First, investors earn more for their money and borrowers obtain conditions for the issuance of the loan much more profitable and attractive.

Will you accept my loan application?

Will you accept my loan application?

In the traditional banking system, if we are going to apply for a loan we are exposed to a complex process that is usually tedious to include many clauses and bureaucracy. Normally, to grant us a loan, we are required to hire other banking services such as insurance, cards or direct debits.

In Christian Portel we connect people who finance people. We carry out a free preliminary study of your case and, if you meet the requirements indicated on our website, we will publish your loan so that investors begin to arrive with incomparable conditions: the opening commission is 3% being the minimum amount to request 3,000 € while the maximum is € 15,000.

Security Christian Portel Coverage System

Security Christian Portel Coverage System

If you have decided to become an investor to obtain greater profitability for your money, the best option is Christian Portel thanks to its Coverage System. We know that lending money is a risk, but our approach is that investors do not feel helpless if a borrower cannot return the amount on time. Christian Portel provides investors with their own loss coverage system, which mitigates the risk of losing borrowed capital.

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