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It is vital to know our debt status to face future expenses, and above all to pay them off! Because being in debt prevents you from accessing certain benefits, but above all, it prevents you from enjoying peace of mind.


How to know if I have outstanding debts

How to know if I have outstanding debts

In Argentina, there are several ways to know if you are enrolled in a list of delinquents.

There are several entities in the country that are responsible for providing this type of information to applicants. We present the two most used:

One of them is the Whiteflower Bank of the Argentine Republic. 
If you have doubts about your financial situation and want to know the status of your debt, you can check the details online.

All you will need is to enter your tax identification code (CUIT, CUIL or CDI) in the corresponding section of the BCRA website.

If there is any debt in the last monthly period, you will be able to access the amount thereof together with the reporting entity.

The Truth, meanwhile, is one of the most common tools for consulting debts. It is a database that is used to know the credit history of both people and companies.

Due to the ease of access and the way of providing the information, it is the site used by the lenders before granting a loan, in order to verify that the applicant is solvent.

To access the listings, you must call Equifax, since it is who is responsible for managing the delinquent files. It will provide you with a code that you must enter later on the website of this entity, and that will give you access to information about your debtor situation.


What solutions exist to pay my debts

What solutions exist to <a href=pay my debts” />

Once you have verified through any of the previous tools the existence of debts to your credit, you must begin to consider solutions to settle them.

If you are indeed in debt, you should consider the various options that you have at your disposal to meet your payment obligations.

Organize your debts

If you have more than one debt, you must organize them to pay them off according to their amount and interest rate.

It is important in this sense to be methodical and remain calm to carry out an organization that does not bring us more losses.
Having your debts sorted is essential to manage your payment.


I asked your family and friends for help

When paying off a debt, one of the alternatives is to go to a person or several, close, capable of providing you with the money and the most appropriate way to return it.

Sometimes the solution is closer than you expected.


Request a credit online

This is one of the most used solutions. Especially in recent times due to the multiplicity of options and lenders.

Sometimes, for more calculations that are made, the accounts do not come out. It is time to consider this alternative, using reliable entities, which provide facilities in terms of immediacy, without getting into complications.


In conclusion

debt payment

We have several tools at your fingertips to be well informed about our credit situation.In all cases, we only need a good Internet connection and a very simple password to obtain. If, unfortunately, to your surprise you find that you are indeed in debt, you can rest in the peace of mind of having tools to safeguard your situation.

The loans offered by personal loan companies such as Panfilo family are, increasingly, the lifesaver for many families in crisis situations. But, in any case, it is best not to run into any debt, so the first thing that has to be done is to attack the causes that led to this over-indebtedness, which in many cases lies in spending more than what is earned.

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