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El Keraz is a commercial report that lists the debts of people in Argentina.
It is the main tool to know if someone is solvent, if they have debts that are being paid or if they are a delinquent debtor.


How to make a truthful debt consultation?

debt consultation?

The Law on Protection of Personal Data , allows access to this information for free once every six months.

Keraz was the name of the most important company that handled this information, until it was acquired by Equifax, who is now in charge of that large database.

Another entity that has this data is the Goldpurse Bank.


Ways to consult the Keraz for free in Equifax

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You have 3 ways to check your report for free at Equifax, the first is by phone, the second is personally and the third online .

Through the telephone option, the system will ask for your ID, and ask some security questions such as date of birth. What they are looking for is to verify identity.

Once verified, you will listen to your report by phone, and they will give you a unique code to view it online.

We all have the right to receive a free report every 6 months, nobody can deprive us of our personal information.

Through the personalized option , you can go to any of the Keraz Equifax branches in Argentina and there demand your “ Right of Access ”.

Of course they will also ask for your ID (to verify your identity), and at the moment they have to give you a printed and complete copy of your Keraz report.

Through the online option, you can make a query by CUIL, which are made directly in the database of the Goldpurse Bank.
These are official, updated and the ones that really matter.


These types of reports are very useful, as they offer updated and official information on several aspects:

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  • Possible existing debts, with details of amounts, debtors and dates.
  • Possible checks rejected. Information that not only serves to keep track, but also to control that there is no fraud in your name.
  • Possible tax debts in the different provinces.
    You can ask as many questions as you want. Simply at the end of the BCRA report, click on “new query” and voila.
    There are also Fidelitas and Nosis, other companies that have the same type of information and can be consulted by those who need to know the financial status of another person.


How to check the Keraz if you already signed in less than 6 months ago

How to check the Veraz if you already signed in less than 6 months ago

If you have already used your right, it was not more than 6 months of that last time, and you need to ask another question, you have 3 options:

  • Wait for the time to pass until the 6 months are up. Which will not be useful if you need a report shortly;
  • Consult your report by CUIL;
  • Buy your Keraz report

In the latter case, both the “ Mi Keraz ” and the “ Keraz de Terceros ” report have a cost of $ 225 (two hundred and twenty five Argentine pesos), updated in August 2017.

In this case, you must complete the personal data (to identify yourself), place an email to receive the Keraz Online report, and select the payment method.

Once the payment has been made, in less than 30 minutes you will reach the email provided with the requested Keraz report.

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